A day to remember for Physiotherapy profession in Nepal

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Seven years back I started my job as a teacher to teach certificate level physiotherapy students and got heavily involved in curriculum planning along with my team mates. It was a difficult journey to begin but now we have a sweet reward - "The Graduation Day" of the first cohort of students at Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences. It was such a pleasure to witness the students graduating when you recall the first orientation lecture which did not feel like it was five years ago.

On this day, I must congratulate all of my kids (some of them are elder to me), who were more like friends, seniors and more like teachers who have challenged us as teachers to be more competent. I wish you all a very bright and prosperous future. You were the past, and also the future of the profession. The credit also goes to the team of teachers who are committed in teaching and learning and most importantly the expat support that is ever lasting. All the supporters we have for years is what is making us stronger and better. I wish you were in this very special day. I would like to remember, late Mary Martin who initiated the course, Dee Barlow, Sabine Dreemmann, Gillian Webb, Darren Reed, Gillian Coates, Michel Coppieters, Lesley Dawson, Bridget O'Connor and everyone who was involved in the course. Forgive me if I missed out any names. Also I should remember all Nepali friends who are now expats - Sachit Basnet, Mitul Thakur, Sunita Shrestha, Deepa Bajracharya and Preeti Thakur.

Now, we have other four batches of students already, and one batch of students ready to get enrolled. We started with 13 students and now you have 30 in each cohort. I get excited and pumped up to see young students with immense interest in the subject and who will and wish to change fate of the profession in coming years.

Best wishes !!!