Learn about Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is among the most common and debilitating musculoskeletal conditions. There are so many inconsistencies we read on the internet on osteoarthritis management.

To solve this problem, Prof. David Hunter from the University of Sydney, a world-leader on osteoarthritis research, has started a website, Joint Action to provide consistent and evidence-based messages on osteoarthritis.

One feature of this website that I like the most is that Prof. Hunter interviews other world-leaders on osteoarthritis research to cover different aspects of osteoarthritis, including information on osteoarthritis, why it hurts in osteoarthritis, and covers different aspects of osteoarthritis management every week in Joint Action podcast.

Listen to all podcasts and future podcasts from here, https://www.jointaction.info/podcast

Thank you Prof. Hunter for this initiative. If you want to support this cause, please donate here.

Follow Prof. Hunter on Twitter: @ProfDavidHunter

Follow Joint Actions on Twitter: @jointactionorg

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