Pain Prevention – Nepali translations of the IASP factsheets are online

The International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) is working in various ways to achieve its vision of working together for pain relief throughout the world.  The IASP has celebrates a global year on pain every year on an area of pain as one of its ways to improve pain relief worldwide. The theme for this year (2020) is "Prevention of Pain".  We have heard many times that "prevention is better than cure", but when it comes to pain care, prevention is often ignored. IASP has developed 10 factsheets on the Prevention of Pain, which are now translated into many languages. For the first time, it is also translated into Nepali.  Clinicians treating patients with pain can use it for the patient (and general public) education. These are freely available resources posted on the IASP website and can be accessed by clicking here.