Volunteer needed for “Pain Research” in Nepal

सौरब शर्मा “दुखाई” सम्बन्धि बिषयको सर्वेक्ष्यणमा इच्छुक छन् | उनिले हालै नेपाली हरु मा दुखाई सम्बन्धि अनुसन्धान गर्न प्रतिष्ठित “International Association for Study of Pain (IASP)” मार्फत प्रोत्साहन पाएका छन् जुन नेपालमा प्रथम पटक हो | यस्तो ऐतिहासिक अनुसन्धान मा सौरबलाई सहयोग गरी हौसला प्रदान गर्नुहोस् |

यदि तपाई (१) नेपाली हुनुहुन्छ र नेपली राम्ररी बुझ्नु र बोल्नु हुन्छ, (२) १८ वर्षभन्दा बढी उमेरको हुनुहुन्छ, (३) तपाईंलाई तीन महिना भन्दा बेसी समय कुनै दुखाई शरीरमा छ भने र (४) बिगत हप्तामा तपाईंको दुखाई ० देखि १० को मापनमा ४ वा सो भन्दा बेसी छ भने (० = दुखेको छैन; १० = अत्यन्त धेरै दुखेको छ) तपाई यो अन्तरास्ट्रिय अध्ययन मा भाग लिन सक्नु हुनेछ |
तपाईंको सहभागिताले नेपालमा नेपालीको दुखाई सम्बन्धि जाँच र उपचारमा ठूलो योगदान मिल्नेछ |
सययोग को लागि यो फारम भर्नुहोस् |

How can I help?
Saurab Sharma is a pain researcher in Nepal who is interested in studying pain characteristics including the quality of pain in Nepalese population which is a unique group of population with diversity. He recently received a grant to research about “pain” in Nepal from International Association for Study of Pain (IASP).

Here is a chance for you to help develop the assessment/ examination and treatment of pain related problems among Nepalese.

1. Are you a Nepalese Citizen?
2. Can you speak Nepali fluently?
3. Are you 18 years of age or older?
4. Have you had some pain in your body for more than half of the time for the past three months?
5. How would you rate your average pain in the past 7 days on a 0 to 10 scale, with 0 being “No pain” and 10 being “Extreme pain”? Is this number “4” or greater?

If you meet all of the five criteria, you will be eligible to participate in this study and contribute to foundational pain treatment and pain research in Nepal.

If you are interested in helping Saurab and his team, and help many people like you in future who are living with chronic pain, please complete this google form if you meet all of the five criteria and answer few questions to let us know the way to contact you.

If you do not have chronic pain but you know someone living with chronic pain, you may help us contact them for this novel cause. You may help those who can’t complete the online form by offering to complete the form for them.
You may contact the researcher at email: saurabsharma@kusms.ku.edu.np.