Challenges to Physiotherapy Profession in Nepal

I believe every physiotherapist wishes to contribute for the physiotherapy profession, but the barriers they have are the culprit which is restricting the growth of physiotherapy as a profession. Barriers or the challenges may include work over-load at work place, lack of time due to personal reasons, limited time and resources, lack of co-operation from other disciplines in health sector, lack of interest from government, other political reasons etc.

First and the most important restriction to professional growth is the busy-ness of those physiotherapists who are proficient and highly capable and can make real difference in the profession.  They are so much involved in work at their workplace which does not allow any flexibility of time for them to think about anything else except their own work. They could have really changed the scenario of physiotherapy in Nepal and make difference but they do not have any time for the Physiotherapy association to help build the profession in Nepal.

Other reason is that energetic and new graduates with fresh and new ideas and energy are not paying much attention in building the profession. They fail to realise the fact that, where the profession was 5 years back and where it is now. Despite of moving the profession forward from where it is at the present time, they blame the senior physiotherapists in the country, saying what have they done?

Also, the physiotherapists who have the power of doing something for the profession with their reach at the government level, many have felt that they could have done much more than what they have done till date. They might have their own barriers, but to create revolution in the profession, overcoming those barriers is important, which has to be done at any cost. We as colleagues can be their greatest strength if we are called upon.

To conclude I would like to draw the attention of all to the fact that Physiotherapy profession would have been better with a little more effort and time from every one of us, and also I would like to request all the people working in this field to actively participate in professional growth.

This article is written by Saurab Sharma. Please comment or provide feedback or share if you think your contacts should know about this.