Month: December 2015

How to write “the title” of an Article?

linkphysio | December 22, 2015

The title is one of the most important parts of an article. It gives the first impression about a paper or an article. It is also freely available to everyone online. Thus it should be catchy to draw the attention of the readers. At the same time, it should be brief but long enough to […]

Physiotherapy in Nepal – A view from an external eye

linkphysio | December 16, 2015

I am currently in the midst of spending 3 weeks in the Physiotherapy Department of the Dhulikel Hospital and Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences. Although there have been physiotherapists living and working in Nepal for a number of years I would have to say that physiotherapy as a profession is very much in it’s […]

A day to remember for Physiotherapy profession in Nepal

linkphysio | December 6, 2015

Seven years back I started my job as a teacher to teach certificate level physiotherapy students and got heavily involved in curriculum planning along with my team mates. It was a difficult journey to begin but now we have a sweet reward – “The Graduation Day” of the first cohort of students at Kathmandu University […]

Hidden contributor of pain in clinical practice – “Catastrophizing”

linkphysio | December 3, 2015

The experience of pain is a complex interplay between psychological, biological, and cultural factors [1]. Individual who experience pain from any surgical procedure or from any injury to the tissue tends to distress or pain. But question arises why the person with same type of injury or surgery tend to have different level of pain […]

How to exercise in different chronic pain conditions?

linkphysio | December 2, 2015

After a very interesting discussion on exercise prescription for chronic low back pain on a previous post on chronic pain, I received an invitation to write a blog on exercises for chronic pain which I accepted to write. For writing this blog, I performed a narrative review of literature and summarized the evidences for three […]