I have subscribed to PEDro “Evidence in my Inbox” – have you?

PEDro is physiotherapy Evidence Based Database. To learn how PEDro is useful resource for physiotherapists click here.

A brand new feature of PEDro includes “Evidence in your Inbox”. With this feature of PEDro, “The latest clinical practice guidelines, systematic reviews and clinical trials for each area of physiotherapy and for selected topics in physiotherapy can be viewed. These links are updated once a month, usually on the first Monday of the month.
These features will allow you to have the evidences tagged under your area of interest or clinical practice emailed you once every month. This will keep you updated in your area of practice without having to put any additional effort to actively search for the recent evidences.

I have subscribed to PEDro – "Evidence in your Inbox", so that I have recent evidences for my area of interest and expertise ie musculoskeletal physiotherapy, orthopedics and chronic pain in my inbox. Have you already subscribed? If not, do it. It is worth it.