Mulligan’s Approach – Workshop Opportunity in Nepal

What is Mulligan’s concept?
A concept of manual therapy where the therapist applies the accessory joint mobilizations with the patient generated physiological movement (MWM). Mostly, it is done in weight bearing position and helps to reduce the pain and symptoms instantly. This is the reason why the patients or those with painful disorders like the approach as it causes no pain and helps to relieve the pain immediately. The concept was developed by Brian Mulligan who is New Zealand’s leading international lecturer in manual therapy since 1972. Over the evolution of the concept, the approach is also gaining popularity with growing body of evidences which are published in a variety of peer reviewed international journals. The approach has shown to be effective of variety of conditions including neck pain, cervical headache, shoulder pain, lateral epicondylitis, hip joint pain, etc.

In Nepal, for the first time, we have the opportunity to learn about the concept from the international expert, Jack Miller.

About the course:
Number of days – 3
19 March 2016 (Saturday) : Seminar-Lecture Demonstration of The Mulligan Concept
20 March 2016 (Sunday) : Workshop on Condensed Mulligan Concept Lower Quadrant Course
21 March 2016 (Monday) : Workshop on Condensed Mulligan Concept Upper Quadrant Course

Participants should attend the first day lecture to be eligible to attend the workshops on day 2 and day 3.

Download workshop flyer for details regarding fees and the course.

About Jack Miller:
Dr. Jack Miller B.Sc.(P.T.), Dip.MT. (N.Z.), MClSc, DPT, FCAMPT

Jack spent six years practicing Physiotherapy in New Zealand where he completed the New Zealand Manipulative Therapy Association’s post-graduate Diploma program in 1984. He has assisted Brian Mulligan, taught courses in Europe, the Caribbean and North America and has taught Brian’s courses independently since 1990. He is fully accredited by the Mulligan Concept Teacher’s Association (MCTA) and currently holds faculty positions at the University Of Toronto, McMaster and western Universities.