Do you RUN for various reasons? If yes, you are at risk for injuries!!!

Many of us run for various reasons including reasons such as weight reduction, training heart and lungs, improving body functions, staying fit and healthy and few of us run as a hobby.

No matter what is the reason for running, the intent is good. However, we are at RISK of running related injuries. Almost 80% of us suffer from hazards of running in the form of injuries. These are mostly due to faulty patterns of running and are preventable.

We may think that we know how to run, however, this is not true for majority of us.

Are there any ways to reduce these running related risks?

Experienced physiotherapists can identify your faulty pattern of running and help you correct the wrong running pattern or biomechanics with the help of visual or audio feedback. This is proven by research.

There are other considerations for reducing the running injuries which are as follows:
1. Good running shoes that match your foot type and foot size
2. Good core muscle strength (spinal muscles)
3. Strong hip muscles that lie at the side and back of your hips (abductors and extensors with external rotators)
4. Strong knee, ankle and foot muscles
5. Flexible lower extremity muscles etc.

If you are a runner and already have some form of pain or injuries due to running, or if you are yet to have an injury, try switching to good running shoes, strengthen your core, hip and other lower extremity muscles, improve your lower extremity flexibility and have an experienced physiotherapist observe your running pattern for any faults. These may help you treat your running injuries or prevent you from having one.

You can read a very informative information to patients published in JOSPT here.